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Bayside has never had a bad review. We promote the best customer service and the safest tree trimming and stump removal in all of our service area in Maryland, including Shady Side and Deale. We also provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and you DO NOT pay a dime until we have finished our job and you are satisfied!

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Why Use Us As Your Calvert County Tree Service

We Don’t Charge Until…

Here at Bayside, we are devoted to giving our neighbors, our friends, and our customers the best possible service we can provide. We know that removing a tree can be very time consuming and tedious; we want to make this process as smooth as possible and that includes not charging you a single cent until we are completely done. We know that this is a small part of the entire process, but we also know that that helps the worry that you might have of us not doing the best job that we can possibly do.

Our team at Bayside works hard to be the best you could possibly ask for. From Shady Side down to Deale, we can’t wait to show you everything that we have and the things we can do for your lawn and your happiness. Don’t let pesky trees stop you from enjoying the spring and summer times. It’s time to catch your summer rays and tans. We can’t wait to see you soon and look forward to hearing from you.

 Safest Tree Company in Shady Side, Maryland

When we say safest, we mean it. Here at Bayside, we take great pride in training our employees with a safety-first attitude so that they are always aware of their surroundings and ensure they are not putting themselves, the work they are doing, or the customer and his or her home at risk. Our job is to take the worry out of this process and that’s what we plan on doing for you.

We are a proven company with hundreds of jobs under our belt, and with that comes experience and knowledge of different situations that could come up. That is what makes us the best – the training we give to our employees and the time we take to care for every different situation. With all of the work we have done, we have NEVER had a single accident, which we also take great pride in. We can not wait to hear from you and show just how great we can be for you and your landscape from Shady Side to Deale.


Now we all live in a day and age where, to be honest, we don’t buy or rent something from someone if the product or service has bad reviews, right? Fortunately, we don’t have any bad reviews! We actually have one of the best reviews in Deale, Anne Arundel County, and Calvert County. We have worked very hard for our beloved town and the people in it, and we want them to feel like they made the best choice when we show up to work for them. Try us out and see for yourself why we consistently receive positive reviews!

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What Do We Do?

As a tree trimming and stump removing service, we can fix just about any issue and we also have a lot more to offer our friends. Our expert advice is available for any and all of your landscaping needs. We also provide the services that go along with that advice including, but not limited to, trimming, detail edging, or even full removals of bushes, fences or anything else you might need from your trusty friends at Bayside. We also offer free consultations and free estimates. You don’t pay a single penny unless we do the job to your complete satisfaction. We hope that we can do everything for you and keep your mind at ease.

Branch Trimming

Branch trimming is, unfortunately, a necessary evil. We love trees and we love what they can do, but with that being said, sometimes you have a couple of branches that need to be trimmed back. Those pesky limbs can actually be a danger, not only to your yard, but to your home. If the limbs aren’t taken care of they can become overgrown. If you’ve got a house in Deale or Shady Side and a bad storm or strong wind hit in the right spot, large limbs can fall and cause major destruction to your roof which could potentially cost thousands of dollars to fix. Make sure you take care of your home in all aspects and get this taken care of.

Areas In Southern Maryland We Service

Calvert County

  • Huntingtown
  • Prince Fredrick
  • Owings
  • Dunkirk
  • Brighton Woods
  • Woodland Acres
  • Barstow
  • St Leonard
  • Lusby

Anne Arundel County

  • Davidsonville
  • Deale
  • Parole
  • Pasadena
  • Parole
  • Glen Burnie
  • Harwood
  • Edgewater
  • Shady Side
  • Lothian

Your Local Professional Tree Service

You won’t find better prices all the way down to Deale. Our prices are the best of the best and if you think you have someone that has better prices near you, bring them our way. We do price match guarantee and will match the slim that could even have our prices. Often, we are 15% lower than our nearest competitors. We care most about providing the best prices and work we can offer to our neighbors and friends is what we care about most. We want to show you that we want your business and we are here to earn it!

 Keeping Utility Lines Clear of Branches, Bushes, and Hedges

Those guys you see clearing the lines, making sure that you and the families in the area continue to have power and that limbs don’t obstruct them – that’s us most of the time. We know how important this job is and how dangerous working near or around these power lines are. We take great pride in training our employees to be the safest they can and to do the work the right way and correct way the first time. All of this work needs to be handled by licensed professionals. When hiring a professional, do your research and make sure they are fully licensed, have extensive industry experience, and have full insurance coverage.

Stump Grinding

Most don’t know exactly what stump grinding is, but it is not what it sounds like. Stump grinding is a technique that involves a stump grinder or stump cutter, a power tool or piece of equipment attachment that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc that chips away the wood. Stump grinders can be the size of a lawnmower or as large as a truck. It just depends on the size of the tree. Bayside makes sure to use the right tool for the job. We want what’s best for you, so we only bring the best.

Bush Trimming and Hedge Pruning

This is another task that we do for our customers. Now, this can be some serious work, but you might think, bush trimming & hedge pruning…how? This work can be dangerous. Not necessarily because of the trimming but because of what could be lying in wait for you inside of them. Snakes, possums, porcupines, and other creatures often use bushes and hedges as their home. If you aren’t careful, one could very easily sneak up on you, and we all know one bite from the wrong snake could be fatal. We do not want you to take such an unnecessary risk with your life. Call the experts and let us take care of all of those needs for you. Let Bayside take care of you and keep your family safe.

Clearing Plots of Land

Clearing land is just another one of the many things that we do. Sometimes customers need a very large field cleared of trees, shrubs, bushes and any other pesky plants. Depending on how much work there is, that can be a huge job for just one person. Fortunately for you, we have an entire team just waiting for your call. We have employees from Deale, Shady Side, and a few other local towns that make this a locally operated business.

From pruning to sheering to completely removing trees, we have all the right equipment to do the job the fastest and safest way for you. And of course, this has our 100% satisfaction guarantee on it as well, and no money is paid until we finish. We cannot leave you unsatisfied or we wouldn’t be in business.

What if you’ve got a home in Anne Arundel County, but you’ve got a plot of land that needs to be cleared out in Deale and they both need some tree TLC? That’s no problem with us. Just fill out our form or give us a call and explain your situation and we’d be happy to work out a schedule that works for you.

Why Some Trees Need To Be Cut Down

Now, this hurts us to do, but we know that sometimes it is required. Trees provide a lot of excellent things such as shade, beautiful scenery, and, if high enough, a tree can give the kids places to play. Trees also can show a sign that they are not safe though. If they lean, have major cracks, or are hollowing out this could indicate you need to call the professionals. These are all warning signs that the tree needs to go.

We wouldn’t want a huge tree to fall on you, your family or your home. When considering whether or not to remove these trees, call Bayside. We got your back with a free consultation and can give our expert opinion with what needs to be done with the trees. Trust us – we’ve been thriving in our community for quite some time and have built trust because of the honesty and hard work we do for our customers.

Deale, Maryland

From Shady Side down to Deale, we’ve got all your tree needs covered!